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First Visit

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What can I expect at a consultation?

Please arrive at your first appointment in good time. You won’t want to arrive stressed and flustered.

Your first 1 hour appointment will include a complimentary 15 minute consultation period, therefore please allow for a 1hr 15min appointment time.

During the consultation a very short medical questionnaire will be completed. Basically, I need to know if you suffer from any condition in which massage would be a contra-indication (ie you may suffer from varicose veins and in which case, a leg massage may not be appropriate).We will discuss why you feel you would like a treatment and what you hope to achieve from it; perhaps you have developed a pain in your leg from jogging or a stiff back from sitting too long in a car or just feel that you would like a deep tissue massage. Based on what we discuss, I will explain to you how I propose to proceed with your treatment.

You can chat away during your treatment, or take the opportunity to totally relax.

If you are having a Sports Massage, then I will require feedback from you during the treatment to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the techniques used.

I will leave the room while you change and get onto the couch. You can climb onto the couch in your underwear or sports shorts and top – whatever is appropriate to your treatment. Once on the couch, you have a very large towel with which to cover yourself. You will let me know when you are ready and I will re-enter the treatment room.
Your dignity will be maintained throughout the treatment and you will covered by a towel at all times, with only the part being treated left exposed.

After your massage….

You will be given a glass of water after your treatment, and asked to drink plenty of water for the rest of the day. Massage is extremely stimulating to your circulation & lymphatic system. Not only will you benefit from hydrating following your treatment, but the massage will have stimulated your lymph system, so the water will help flush toxins out of your body.

Sometimes, especially after a Sports Massage, your muscles may feel a little tender after being stretched, but this will subside after 1-2 days and you should feel free of pain and much looser & relaxed.

If appropriate, I will show you some stretches to support your treatment and help maintain you.

Sometimes clients would benefit from having exercise balls or bands or taping to use at home and I can direct you to the right websites from which you can make these purchases if you wish.

There are limitations to what can be achieved by massage, and if I feel that I am unable to help you, then I will tell you this. If this is the case, then hopefully I will be able to assist you with a referral to someone more able to help you.

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