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About Massage Solutions

At Massage Solutions, in my capacity as a Sports Massage therapist, I treat a diverse range of clients from athletes to seniors, office workers to stressed-out mums.

I receive consultant referrals, as a Manual Lymphatic Drainage specialist, to treat patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery procedures and are keen to speed up their recovery and ensure the best results from their procedure. I also have clients who wish to benefit from MLD for their general health and well-being; again a broad spectrum of people of all ages.

“I really enjoy my work and believe I make a difference to all my clients.”

Lesley Gillies

Massage Solutions is run by Lesley Gillies who is a qualified RGN, having trained at the University Hospital of Wales.

In 2006 Lesley indulged her interest in anatomy & physiology by training with the LSSM in Sports and Remedial Massage and is registered with the ISRM. The ISRM qualification in Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage has become the benchmark for quality training in the UK.

The qualification is externally validated by Edexel/BTEC at Level 5 which is the highest available in the UK and is nationally and internationally recognised. On the basis of this Lesley was qualified to work at the 2012 Olympics.

Through Continual Professional Development, Lesley continues to train in advanced sports and remedial massage techniques via the LSSM & associates.

In 2014 Lesley qualified as a Lymphatic Massage Specialist with the VODDER School of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage and is registered with MLD UK, the UK’s governing body.

Lesley receives consultant referrals from the Montefiore Hospital Hove and elsewhere, to work on pre & post operative Cosmetic Surgery patients to speed up the tissue healing process, helping to reduce pain, bruising, swelling and scaring.

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Lesley Gillies Sports Massage Therapist



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