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Knee replacement

My surgeon suggested Massage Solutions for Lymphatic Massage. The difference it made to the swelling and heat in my knee was remarkable. I was able to get on with my physio sessions and was back on my feet soon after.

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Post face lift surgery

I sent photos to my surgeon and he recommended that I have a course of treatments with Lesley and to start asap.
I cannot tell you the difference the treatment made.

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Vasper lipo and fat transfer

I found myself looking forward to the series of treatments because they made such a difference to the bruising and the pain levels. I would definitely recommend her

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Sports Massage

My initial problem was a shoulder issue which she quickly resolved. Since then I have visited Massage Solutions with all sorts of aches and pains.

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Fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety and IBS

I saw immediate benefits after the first treatment. I had the best sleep in months and felt a lot more energised and restored the next day.

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Assisting with tissue detox

I had swollen ankles after significant weight loss and my clinic recommended Massage Solutions for Lymphatic Massage. The benefits to my general well-being have astounded me.

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Strained Adductor muscle

My first treatment was pain relief for a strained Adductor muscle, the second was a Lymphatic Massage to detoxify. Both worked wonders!

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Under active thyroid

Having suffered with an under active thyroid I was delighted to find that after only a few sessions of lymphatic drainage from Lesley Gillies of Massage Solutions, my symptoms reduced considerably,

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Perfect for post surgery

Every touch is minimal yet it makes a difference. I felt refreshed and a sense of well-being for days afterwards.

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Neck pain

Lesley was able to make me pain free after one session. Ever since that first visit, I have a monthly general deep tissue massage. It is the best stress buster ever.

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