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Lymphatic Massage

Client name: Mrs R

Location: Coolham

In late 2015 I began a course of treatment with a London Clinic to help me lose 5st, improve my well-being and hopefully get a little fitter.  The clinic is rated highly and I had great expectations!

As the months passed, I visibly began to make headway, however I had quite congested legs and swollen ankles and the clinic suggested a course of Lymphatic therapy which they were able to provide.  I live in Sussex and was at this stage only visiting the clinic twice a week and they had suggested a treatment every other day for the first 6 days.

“The benefits of Lymphatic massage to my general well-being have astounded me”

I did some research to find a therapist located near me.  I have been seeing Lesley on a weekly basis ever since that initial first week of intensive treatments.  The benefits of Lymphatic massage to my general well-being have astounded me.

This winter I have not had a cold.  I have always suffered with colds and chest infections on an annual basis.
I sleep better than I have in years.
I can see my ankle bones which I have not seen in a long time. Hoorah.
I am a fairly anxious individual and prone to panic attacks but these are a thing of the past now.  All of this I attribute to Lymphatic massage & it is such a fabulous treatment to receive, I loathe having to get off the couch when my session is over!

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