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Vasper lipo and fat transfer

Lymphatic Massage

Client name: Mrs K Howell

I underwent vaser lipo & a fat transfer procedure in a London clinic in the summer, to my stomach region, inner and outer thighs & buttocks.
I was aware that I had to have a series of lymphatic massages commencing 48 hrs after the surgery, however I was not aware how bruised and sore I would be or quite how limited I would be with movement. I could not drive or sit down! I didn’t think I would be able to get on a couch or lie on a couch.

Because I was so sore, I was really concerned about having lymphatic massage, but I spoke with Lesley and she put my mind at rest. Lesley had dealt with many clients who had the same procedure and knew precisely how to set me up on the couch so no pressure was put on the tender areas… thank goodness! I could not believe how much better and less sore I was after the first treatment. I found myself looking forward to the series of treatments because they made such a difference to the bruising and the pain levels. I would definitely recommend her

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