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Deep Tissue Massage Horsham

chronic back pain

The root cause of most chronic muscualar pain, such as back pain are Adhesions. These are rigid tissues that form in the muscles or ligaments, usually due to an old injury. They decrease circulation and cause inflammation. Adhesions are often the root cause of most muscular pain.

If you are in the Horsham area and are suffering with symptoms such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain or leg pain, then Massage Solutions can offer a massage technique known as Deep Tissue Massage, which helps to gently break up the Adhesions, allowing the blood to circulate, reducing pain.

Reaching deep into the muscles and breaking down the Adhesions, the Deep Tissue Massage therapy realigns deeper muscles and frees them from the Adhesions enabling the blood to circulate normally again and relieving pain.

The techniques used in Deep Tissue Massage therapy are very similar to regular massage techniques, except they concentrate more on the painful region, reaching deep into the muscles with slow, but firm movements.

Deep Tissue Massage therapy


Deep Tissue Massage Horsham

If you are looking for a deep tissue massage in Horsham, give Massage Solutions a try. Massage Solutions practices from the Bluecoat Sports and Fitness Gym at Christ’s Church in Horhsam.

Lesley from Massage Solutions will help to identify the root cause of your pain and offer treatment and advice to relive pain and repair the damage.

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