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Relaxing massage Horsham

relaxing massage horsham

Looking for a relaxing massage in Horsham?

Massage Solutions offers relaxing massages from two clinics in Horsham. The Bluecoat Sport and Fitness centre and Protea clinic.

What is a relaxing massage?

Massage is mostly used to treat and relieve pain and discomfort in the muscles, tendons and ligaments, but when applied gently in a relaxing atmosphere can be a highly relaxing and pleasurable experience.

Feel the tensions of day ease away with each gentle manipulation.  Experience an all-over tingle as the blood starts to rush around your body, easing tight shoulders, stiff necks, tired legs and aching backs.

Who can enjoy a relaxing massage?

As a fully trained massage therapist, Lesley at Massage Solutions fully understands the anatomy and how different massage techniques affect men and women differently and also young and old. Therefore, anyone of any age can enjoy a relaxing massage in Horsham.

What is involved in a relaxing massage?

A relaxing massage draws on several massage techniques including:

Lesley will use a combination of techniques to best suit your needs and how you feel at the time. Your time at Massage Solutions will be completely private, confidential, safe and relaxing.

Where can I go for a relaxing massage in Horsham?

Massage Solutions practices from the following clinics in Horsham.

Bluecoat Sports and Fitness Centre Horsham


Bluecoat Sports Health & Fitness Gym
Christ’s Hospital
West Sussex
RH13 0YB
Massage Horsham

Sports Massage Horsham Protea Beauty Clinic Horsham


Protea Beauty Clinic
75A Crawley Road
West Sussex
RH12 4DS
Massage Horsham

Gifts and groups

Massage Solutions offer their Relaxing Massages as a part of their Pamper Party options. You can also purchase Relaxing Massage gift vouchers to buy as a gift.

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