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History of Sports Massage

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The history of Sports Massage can be traced back to Roman Times but the modern day version we use today can probably be traced back to the Olympic Games of 1924.

Runner Paavo Nurmi, the “Flying Finn” from Finland won five gold medals in Paris in this year including the 1.5K and 5K titles. He did this in one day with only a thirty minute break between events.

Nurmi credits his success to a special variation of Swedish Massage treatment he had developed as part of his training program.

Sports Massage during the Second World War

Jack Meagher a U.S. professional athlete and massage therapist receives treatment from a German PoW, the likes of which he had never experienced before, despite being an experienced and qualified massage therapist himself.

The technique used was believed to have originated from Finland and Jack studied this technique with a German instructor. Jack was later quoted as saying “My ability to move while playing was astounding”

Jack then went on to write a book entitled “Sports Massage: A Complete Program for Increasing Performance and Endurance in Fifteen Popular Sports” which to this day is described by Amazon as “Still recognised as the bible of sports massage, this book’s simple principles can improve athletic condition and prevent injury to muscles. Four easily taught strokes locate and treat strained muscles used in many popular sports.” despite the book being first written and published in the early 1980s.

The techniques of Sports Massage where gained by Russia during the war and by the 1950’s extensive research programs had been set up to study the techniques and its positive effect on Russian athletes. New techniques were added and existing ones developed which help Russian sports people to dominate through the 1960’s and 70’s. Many of these techniques are now part of the standard tool box of Sports Massage.

Many modern day athletes and sports team employ Sports Massage therapists who both prepare their clients before events but also treat them afterwards which has the effect of protecting them from injury during activity and protecting from damage after activity.

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