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MLD Beauty benefits

Lymphatic massage benefits for beauty

Lymphatic Massage – did you know? – Health and Beauty benefits

MLD stands for Manual Lymph Drainage, a treatment which has been described in the Saturday Daily Mail as ‘one of the best kept secrets on the health and beauty scene’ and is listed as one of the ‘Super therapies’ in Jane Alexander’s book. Articles in Top Sante and Harpers & Queen have also appeared.

Zita West, London’s leading fertility expert, recommends MLD treatments for detoxification and reduction of fluid accumulation.

Models have MLD facials before photo shoots; no surprise as it is one of the most relaxing and natural facelifts.

 So what is all the fuss about?

MLD is one of the fastest growing areas of massage and one that uses the lightest tough. It takes time and training to master the VODDER method of MLD and this touch so beware of imitations – ask to see your specialist’s certificates.

MLD’s intensely relaxing effect masks the strength of the treatment itself. It is quoted time and again for saying that an MLD facial is like a facelift without surgery and so it is. As the stimulated lymph vessels work clearing the loose connective tissue of accumulated excess cells and debris, the skin not only looks clearer and cleaner – it actually is clearer and cleaner, right down to the sub-cutaneous level.

As no oils or powders are used it is completely safe even for those with sensitive skin. This non–invasive technique simply uses the muscles and structure of the existing lymphatics to clear accumulated fluid.

Taken further, it eases the swelling/inflammation caused by trauma or surgery.

  • It is useful in pain control.
  • It is the cornerstone in the treatment of lymphoedema.
  • It is one of the safest massages available to pregnant women – from top to toe there is no need whatsoever for a pregnant woman to suffer swollen anything.
  • It has a strong effect on the immune system

 Indeed, a Super Therapy.

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